Diagenics Cards Inc.
Transaction & Payment Processing

Diagenics Cards Services (DCS) has strategic alliances with partners in advanced payment processing solutions. DCS through its partners is capable to support and provide complete solutions for prepaid products and debit and credit solutions.

Platform Solutions Test

  • Debit and Credit: secured, unsecured
  • Contactless RFID: faster and more consistent way to make payments
  • Virtual Card Accounts: safeguards the account-holders primary card number when making purchases on line or over the phone
  • Integrated Bill-Payment: pay any bill electronically (Debit or Credit Card)
  • Secondary or Companion Cards: supplement a primary account with an additional card (s) that can maintain a separate balance or share the same balance
  • Direct Deposit: payroll and government benefits direct deposit to account

Value Added Services

  • Program Management
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Identity Verification
  • Card Management
  • Web Development & Hosting
  • Customer Service
  • Risk Management
  • Technical Support
  • Creating Services
  • Reporting
  • Campaign Services


DCS continuously works with its partners to develop advanced proprietary tools and provides all partners access to these tools to manage products, analyze and measure performance and increase profitability for their programs which include:

  • Customer Service Tool (CST): customer service, account maintenance, account enrollment
  • Administrative Tool (ADT): retail sales, add/remove funds, account enrollment, account maintenance
  • Partner Reporting System (PRS): Web based reporting system
  • Raw Data File (RDF): extractable data file for account activity
  • Analytics: next generation reporting, business intelligence, custom data queries
  • Campaign Manager: campaign management with targeted messaging, multiple delivery channels

International Capabilities

  • Direct Connect to Visa and MasterCard
  • Visa Net
  • Bank Net (MasterCard)
  • Net dependent or any other processors or platforms
  • Multi-Currency Certified
  • Support over 180 different currencies
  • Support multiple programs in North, Central and South America
  • Call Center has multiple language capabilities
  • Multiple language offering for Web, IVR and Customer Servces
  • English, Spanish, French
  • Platform internationally tested
  • Experience with 8 digit vs: 12 digit account numbers for direct credit in Canada

Program Manager or Direct Processor Capability

  • Act a program manager and/or direct processor
  • As Program Manager
  • Can support a quick to market launch using an existing product or can support a custom card program
  • 10 over years experience as program manager in General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) and Payroll programs
  • Experience indirect to consumer and business program management
  • As Processor
  • Possess leading next generation processing platform
  • Offers multiple web tools for ease of integration and speed to market for multiple levels of small business clients
  • Largest prepaid processor in North America

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