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Datacard 450 Embosser
Datacard 160 Encoder

The Datacard 160 Encoder is designed for low volume use where data to be encoded may be input through an attached keyboard or through a PC computer. This unit can read and/or write on standard mag-stripe track(s) 1 (IATA) and/or 2 (ABA). The Datacard 160 Encoder is suitable for reading Hi-Coercivity (HiCo) or Lo-Coercivity (LoCo) encoding and for writing Lo-Coercivity (LoCo) encoding. Features a single manual card feed.


  • Electronic Magnetic Stripe Encoder
  • Encode/Read: Tracks 1 or 2: IATA, ABA
  • Manual Card Feed
  • 2 Line - 40 Character LCD Display
  • Includes Keyboard
  • Easy to Use

  • Height: 3.2"
  • Depth: 9.75"
  • Width: 10.75"
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Electrical: 120v

Datacard 430 Embosser
LoCo/HiCo Magstripe Upgrade

The PES Mag-Stripe LoCo/HiCo Upgrade is designed to provide an efficient method to convert your equipment that only has LoCo encoding into an embosser that can do LoCo encoding and HiCo encoding on all three tracks. The unit is switchable for ease of selection between LoCo & HiCo. With many card companies starting to require HiCo (2750 Orsted) encoding, the PES Upgrade is a cost effective method to stay competitive in the challenging plastic card personalization business.


  • Fits Datacard 15000 Series Embossers
  • Fits Datacard 4000 Series Embossers
  • Encodes at 300 Orsted or 2750 Orsted
  • Includes New Head
  • Requires Old HeadAssembly Exchange

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