Diagenics Cards Inc.
Thermal Ribbons

Color # Description Pantone Reference #
Part #
      308mm X 46m
(12-1/8" x 150')
308mm X 91m
(12-1/8" x 300')
 Black Process Black C 1690001 1690002*
 Opaque Black Black C 1690003 1690004*
 Process Yellow 102C 1630002 1630003*
 Process Magenta  Rhodamine Red C 1640002 1640003*
 Process cyan  Process Cyan C 1660002 1660003*
 Opaque White 1610007 not available
 Medium Grey 6C 1610002 1610010*
 Matte Silver 877C 1610003 1610009*
 Matte Gold 872C 1630007 1630009*
 Opaque Yellow 012C 1630005 1630012*
 Golden Yellow 109C 1630006 1630010*
 Deep Red 187C 1640001 1640008*
 Bright Red 186C 1640004 1640005*
 Tomato Red 1797C 1640006 1640009*
 Bright Orange 021C 1630004 1630008*
 Olympic Blue 3005C 1660004 not available
 Intense Blue 301C 1660005 1660012*
 Reflex Blue Reflex Blue C 1660006 1660011*
 Cobalt Blue 280C 1660007 1660010*
 Safety Blue 294C 1660001 not available
 Bright Green GreenC 1670003 1670007*
 Forest Green 3302C 1670005 1670008*
 Teal 321C 1670010 1670009*
 Protective Clear 1600002 1600003*
 Reflective Gold 1620002 not available
Pantone® numbers are for reference only and are not Pantone® certified.

* 91 Meter Roll lengths are a Non-Stock Item and require orders in lots of 25 Rolls. Lead time can vary depending on the manufacturing schedule.


Exposure Tests*
Scratch/Mar 10 passes 10H lead drafting pencil no effect
Abrasion 25 cycles Taber Abrader CS10 wheel/250 gms weight minimal
Smudge and Smear 20 passes vigorous rubbing with abrasive tissue no effect
Tape Pull Adhesion n/a medium tack tape no effect
Accelerated Light Exposure 3000 hours (5 yrs.) QUV-A no effect
Temperature per Spec. GM6073 thermal cycling no cracking, adhesion or colour loss
High Pressure Spray per Spec. GM95310P high pressure wand car wash spray no effect
Windshield Washer Fluid 10 minutes exposure-then wiped dry no effect
Auto Wax 10 minutes exposure-then wiped dry no effect
Dish Detergent and Water 10 minutes exposure-then wiped dry no effect
Motor Oil 10 minutes SAE30 exposure-then wiped dry no effect
Odourless Mineral Spirits 10 minutes exposure-then wiped dry no effect
50% Ethylene Glycol 10 minutes exposure-then wiped dry no effect
10% Battery Acid 10 minutes exposure-then wiped dry no effect
Methanol 10 seconds exposure-then wiped dry minimal degradation

*Note: Exposure tests were performed on 3M® Scotchcal vinyl. Performance on other vinyl may vary from results shown.
Expected performance life of process and spot colour thermal ribbons is 3-5 years (less for gold and silver ribbon). Prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light may reduce the
life expectancy. Use protective clear overlay for additional U.V. protection and scratch resistance.

Our Premium Durability Ribbons may be stored for a period of 12 months, providing it is in a clean space, free from excessive moisture. Store out of direct sunlight, in an
area within 40% - 60% relative humidity. Ambient temperatures should be below 38°C (100°F). Keep ribbon in protective packing sleeve when not in use.

Place paper between the layers of stacked or rolled printed materials.

Use a mild, non-abrasive soap and water with a soft cloth or sponge as per vinyl manufacturer's recommendation. Do not use solvents, including alcohol-based cleansers,
or soaps containing grit or abrasives to clean. Automated vehicle washing systems that use rotary cleaning brushes should also be avoided.

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